Hunting grounds at Badger Creek Members Club consist of nearly 14,000 acres of privately-leased land in the North Central Oregon area.

Opportunities abound to hunt various species of birds such as pheasant, Chukar, Hungarian Partridges, Valley Quail, waterfowl, Rio and Merriams Turkey. Our members also enjoy hunting for "Bench-legged" Black Tail deer and varmints.

The practice of wearing blaze orange clothing and ear and eye protection is strongly recommended and we carry these items in our Proshop. It is a requirement for all hunts that we follow state and federal hunting guidelines.

Upland Bird Hunting

Our preserve season runs from September 1 through March 31 on two ODFW-licensed preserves. This allows us to release Pheasants, Chukar and Hungarian Partridge to supplement the native populations and increases your opportunities for success.

We typically do ½ day hunts on our preserves, starting at 9:00 am and ending about 1:00 pm. This is followed by a hearty lunch while your birds are being processed and packaged.

All of our preserve hunts include experienced guides, excellent dogs, clay target shooting and/or fishing, lunch and bird processing.

Wild Upland Birds

Some of our properties hold large coveys of California Valley Quail and we go after these birds with both pointers and flushing dogs. It's not uncommon to come across wild pheasants, Hungarian Partridge, Mountain Quail and ruffed grouse.



The majority of our waterfowl hunts take place from November through January.

Most of the waterfowl hunting we do targets Canadian Geese. These are primarily Great Western Basin Honkers hunted from lay-out blinds over top-quality decoys.

At times, we can also target ducks and geese using decoys over water.

Archery Deer

Archery Deer

This season follows all Oregon State Regulations and usually begins in late August and ends in late September. You will need to purchase a tag prior to the start of the season.

With over 14,000 acres of low-pressure, private ground, mixed with timber and agricultural areas, our hunters over the years have had great success chasing these east-side, black-tailed bucks.

Rifle Deer

Rifle Deer

This season generally starts in the beginning of October, however the im-tail-00portant thing to remember is that the application deadline for this hunt is May 15.

All of our properties are located in the White River Unit. Typically, this is a spot and stalk form of hunting, but we do regularly use blinds.

This is a great time to see countless deer and many other forms of wildlife in the area. Your opportunity to harvest a buck is all but guaranteed, depending on the size or trophy of the buck you are holding out for.

Wild Turkey

The general season opens on April 15 every year. We now have a special 2-day turkey season that begins the weekend before the general opener.

For those who have not experienced this kind of hunting, this can be the thrill of a lifetime. Stealth and concealment are paramount to your success and the terrain where we hunt these birds can be challenging.

Our goal is to set up in likely areas where pre-scouted turkeys are present and call these birds into the shooter's effective range. When that long-beard commits to a set-up, it is a sight to behold!


September 1st of every year kicks off the Dove opener and weather permitting. We find large flocks of these flighty birds gravitating near local grain fields and watering holes.

This is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon relaxing in a chair near a flyway and shake the summer rust off of your shot-gun.

Varmints and Rodents

Probably our most common rodent in our area that is under constant pressure from .17's and .22's is the Grey Digger Squirrel. These critters are considered pests and our goal is to attempt to keep their populations in check.

We can also arrange coyote hunts and either spot and stalk these "dogs" or set up and call them in to within shooting range.