Greetings and Welcome to Badger Creek Member's Club.

16-Aug-2017 Greetings and Welcome to Badger Creek Member's Club

As we enter our 15th season together, the ranches and facilities have never looked better! Our membership is now officially "full" with the equivalent of 20 full members. We have been able to achieve this with a mix of Regular Members and Associate Members and the formula seem to have paid off. We have secured some additional hunting ranches in the area which will provide our members and their guests even more opportunities for hunting and recreating. Our main ranch, located out on Smock Prairie is busting with newly planted and old-growth, upland bird habitat which provides a unique mix of fields and transition zones for hunters to chase Pheasants, Chukars, Hungarian Partridge, Valley and Bobwhite Quail.

This past summer, we were able to make some significant upgrades to the facilities that both enhance the look and functionality of your experience. At the 5-stand, we now have 10 machines launching clays in a myriad of angles and speeds and all machines are now operated on a remote, wireless system. The hand-held controller allows the members to count the clays thrown each time and provides simplicity for those wanting to shoot on their own. We have expanded and dressed up the Canyon House kitchen area which created more space for storage and cooking large meals. The parking lot at Badger Cabin has been expanded as well, making it more convenient for larger vehicles.

Turkey hunters this past spring were able to connect on several nice Toms in the area with photos worthy of making the gallery! The general turkey population in the White river Unit continues to increase each year and we are finding birds in locations that traditionally haven't supported consistent numbers of these cagey animals. Hopefully this trend holds true as it creates more opportunities for members and their guests to connect with one.

As with turkeys, the bench-leg Black-tailed deer population is on an upward trend as well. We had 2 first-time deer hunters get in on great hunts this past season and lucked out with a couple of really nice bucks. Other members who had tags were successful as well and there are still plenty more out there! If you are thinking of hunting deer next season, remember to apply for the White River Unit #141 by May 15, 2015.

We look forward to your arrival this season and hope that you will get some prime dates on the books soon!